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Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine

The Concept2 Model E is the pinnacle of development by one of the most innovative makers of fitness equipment. It is powered exclusively by the user, making it a standalone electronic device that can be moved about as needed without having to worry about unsightly cords that could become trip hazards.


Innovation is order of the day with a Concept II Model E. It's futuristic frame design slides apart easily for transport and storage, and the adjustable seat is positioned 6 full inches higher than the similar Model D, allowing easier access and more comfortable sitting. And when it is completely stored, it takes up about the same amount of space as a golf bag.


The Concept2 E rower features the PM4 performance monitor, an updated version of the PM3 that is available on the older Model D. It features automatic operation, meaning that when you start to row, it will turn on and begin provided session information. It also has a USB interface to allow downloading data directly to a PC, and allows you use several different presets, or even compete against previous scores. It even allows the user the option of using a different primary language than the default English.

concept2 model e

Human Powered

There is no power supply required for the Concept 2 Model E indoor rower. In fact, the user is the power supply, charging up the system battery as the workout progresses. For many users, the beauty of seeing their physical workout transformed into electrical power is an amazing feat in itself, and this self-generating system has gained in popularity because of it.

Health And Heart Conscious

Heart Monitoring is a popular application for the Concept rower, and the wireless chest strap allows heart rate monitoring without cumbersome wires getting in the way of an invigorating workout. The strap is compatible with Polar Heart Rate technology, with an optional receiver which is available directly from Concept2.

Log Card Storage

User data can be stored for later use and comparison using the removable Log Card. One is included as part of the package and additional Log Cards are available from the manufacturer or even the location you purchase the rowing machine from.

Have Fun

The Concept2 Model E rowing machine is a work of modern art that gives back to people who enjoy it. It incorporates superb engineering with up-to-date electronics to give the user a workout that is both healthy and exciting. Racing against previous times lets each user push for more improvements in a way that is fun and entertaining.

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