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Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine

Just as the WaterRower Company has cornered the market on rowing machines with a rustic look, The Concept 2 Model D rowing machine stands alone as the most stylistically modern looking rowing machine made today. There are a number of features built into the Concept2 that aren't available on other brands of rowing machines, even model which are priced much higher.

Modernistic and Ergonomic

The Concept II Model D has an easy spiral damper to control the feel of each pull stroke, and an ergonomic handle that encourages a more natural hand and arm position for a safer workout with a reduced risk of muscle strain or lower back pains. Very few other rowers have taken as extensive steps as the Concept2 towards keeping the user comfortable without sacrificing the need for an exerting exercise program.

Easy Adjustments And Portability

From the aluminum rail to the patented Flexfoot footrests that allow quick and easy sizing, the Concept2 D rower is built to be both highly configurable and easily portable. It quickly slides into two separate parts for easy, lightweight transport, and includes caster wheels to make moving it about as easy as lifting one end and rolling it away.

concept2 model d

Flywheel Design

The flywheel design of the Concept 2 Model D indoor rower uses air resistance to provide infinite levels of exertion, automatically adjusting the resistance level according to the force applied. Air resistance is a smooth, quiet resistance mechanism that won't distract the user with irritating noises during the workout.

Powerful Onboard Computer

The onboard computer is available in two models, and includes the ability to review performance data on one screen, to give you a better overview of your performance statistics. Additional computer functions include the ability to analyze stroke performance in real time, race-style competitions against previous workout data, or a real time bar chart displaying a range of biofeedback and session information.

As you have gathered by now, the Model D rowing machine is a unique and stylistic piece of exercise equipment. It is no wonder that the Concept2 is among the most popular rowing machines on the market today, once you consider the many convenient and beneficial features, computer programs, and even the ease of transport and storage. No other rowing machines pack such a diverse set of features into such a small and affordable package.

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