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Carl Lewis Rowing Machines

Consumer reviews report that the Carl Lewis rowing machine is a very popular variable magnetic resistance indoor rower. It features a specially contoured seat for hours of comfortable use, and a patented single pull handle design that reduces strain, and allows the user to concentrate on one side at a time during the workout. There are handy straps included, to help keep the feet in position during a strenuous cardiovascular workout.

The Carl Lewis Romf51 rowing machine has an onboard computer that only keeps track of important session information, but stores it for later retrieval and comparison. What this means, is that the user is able to do a direct session to session comparison during the exercise routines, which allows them to spot areas which need more work, and identify benefits that have been gained.

A magnetic rowing machine is one of the latest types of indoor rowers developed, and uses the same type of magnetic resistance mechanism that is used on other popular exercise equipment, such as Kettler exercise bikes, as one example. Magnetic resistance provides a smooth, increasing resistance, so that as the user's stamina and strength improve, the workout will automatically become progressively more strenuous, giving the same level of performance after years of use as it offers to a first time user.

There are many advantages for the home enthusiast in regards to using a rowing machine. For one thing, many modern models of indoor rowers are made of lightweight materials, and can easily fold into a compact size for quick storage. For another, very few types of exercise equipment offer the same all-around quality of cardiovascular exercise as simulated rowing. For those who have limited space available, a rowing exercise machine is often the most economical choice for a total fitness machine.

The onboard computer monitor includes a speed display, and displays for distance traveled, time spent in the session, and calculated calories burnt during the workout. This data is what is compared in session comparisons, and tracked against stored data to refine the workout in order to get the most benefit where it is needed.

A lot of people think that the Carl Lewis rowing machine is the ultimate piece of home exercise equipment. They brag about how it builds the upper body muscles, and how it contributes to toning the abdominal muscles. As with any type of exercise equipment, it is important not to overexert yourself, but the built-in workout programs are designed to get maximum benefit at minimal risk

Carl Lewis Rowing Machines

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