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Carl Lewis ROR55 2 in 1 Bike/Rower Machine

If you haven't taken a look at the Carl Lewis ROR55 rowing machine yet, it may be time to do so. From its ease of use to its portability and adjustability, a Carl Lewis rowing machine makes a perfect addition to home gyms as well as commercial fitness centers.

A recumbent rowing machine is perfect for people who have accessibility issues with ordinary rowing or bicycle seats. And a hybrid rowing machine and exercise bike offers the best workout for a wider range of purposes, from personal fitness training to strenuous workouts designed to keep professional athletes at the top of their field.

A bike rower gives the user a more perfect total body workout. An ergonomic workout routine is perfect for anyone who wants to get in shape, employing a low-impact, calorie burning routine that tones muscle tissue and builds stamina. And the hand pulse sensor means the user can see real time results displayed on the LCD screen.

carl lewis ror55

This fitness bike rower includes 8 adjustable levels of resistance to keep the workout beneficial even with long term usage. The smooth rowing action of the aluminum rail feels almost like sitting in a real boat, and allows the user to concentrate on working out instead of focusing on operating a machine. The idea is to make the entire experience as realistic as possible, and adjusting the resistance levels allows novice users and professionals alike to get the most from benefit from the same machine.

Another welcome aspect of the Carl Lewis ROR55 is its extremely light weight construction. The company has made a highly portable fitness machine by starting with an aluminum frame and sticking closely to a proven space saving design. Whether your concern is taking the RO55 along when you travel, or storing it away quickly and effortlessly at home, very few other brands come close to the ease set up and use as this one.

The Carl Lewis 2 in 1 rowing machine and exercise bike is fairly unique, as well. These are other hybrid fitness bike and rowing machine combinations, to be sure, but none of them meld the two types of fitness equipment together so well. The result is very much like having a rowing machine and a recumbent bike, with the full benefits of both types of workout packed into a single unit.

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