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Carl Lewis ROM50

The Carl Lewis ROM50, with its hydraulic resistance rowing mechanism is probably one of the best low-budget rowing machines available. It is designed to fit into a very small space, and is light enough that it can be easily moved about, making it perfect for athletes in training as well as business persons sticking to a busy schedule at work and in their exercise program.

The Carl Lewis rowing machine also features an ergonomically designed easy-clean saddle style seat, and offers 360 degree movement for the handles, which is a unique development for the Carl Lewis line of rowing machines, so many of which have limited motion. Research shows that having full motion potential lessens strain and maximizes comfort.

Carl Lewis rowers are suitable for a very wide range of user sizes and weights. Anyone between 4 and a half feet and six feet six inches tall will find the ROM50 is a comfortable fit, and it is able to handle a maximum user weight of 250 pounds, making it excellent for athletes on the go who still have a strict training program that requires daily workouts.

carl lewis rom50

Fitness rower machines can be very complex, but each level of complexity increases the weight and overall cost of the fitness equipment. In order to make an indoor rower that is available to everyone, the Carl Lewis ROM50 has a simple no-frills fitness monitor instead of a large fancy computer. The LCD display tracks all of your important session data, just like more expensive versions, including the time, speed, and distance traveled. It will even help you track the calories expended in the session, and that means a visual example of what the workout is doing to improve your physical health.

If you are in the market for an exercise rowing machine but budget, convenience, and portability are of premium importance, this could very well be the indoor rowing machine you've been looking for. Because it is a hydraulic rowing machine, it is more compact than other types of resistance, especially water resistance, although the flywheel for air and magnetic resistance generally require a good deal of space as well. Hydraulics resistance is the most compact because it uses small cylinders of compressed gas to function, eliminating a great deal of weight and bulk.

And keep in mind that just because it is a no-frills model, the Carl Lewis ROM50 delivers every bit of the aerobic workout cardiovascular benefits that you would get from a rowing machine that costs many times more, not to mention giving up the light weight and easy storage. When nothing but the best will do, and that includes the best price, a Carl Lewis rower is often one of the top choices available.

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