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BodyCraft VR100

There are a lot of features packed into the BodyCraft VR100 rowing machine. It takes the concept of a rowing machine to a whole new level of usefulness, combining air resistance with magnetic resistance to get the most performance for the least amount of cost.

The BodyCraft rowing machine is sometimes called a hybrid rowing machine because it uses two different type of resistance mechanism. There are a total of 6 resistance levels, composed of one air resistance level and 5 combined air and magnetic resistance levels. This design maximizes the resistance potential, and guarantees that every stroke will be smooth and fluid, regardless of the amount of force applied by the user. For this reason, hybrid resistance mechanisms are growing in popularity at an astounding rate.

When you use a fitness rower, you know you will be getting a full body workout which features some of the best aerobic exercise you can get from any type of fitness equipment. Personal trainers appreciate the effectiveness of a rowing machine exercise program, and medical applications target the cardiovascular benefits that such a workout is able to provide.

bodycraft vr100

A BodyCraft rowing exercise machine is also engineered to allow easy storage. When stored, it only takes up a small amount of space. 17 x 22 x 68, to be exact, and is so light, at 70 pounds, that almost anyone can easily use and store it without assistance from someone else. In the home gym, where space is often a primary concern, the tiny footprint of a VR100 is tough to beat at any price.

And to be accessible to the widest range of users, the BodyCraft rower features an adjustable height and angle console. This minicomputer is able to keep track of several different session statistics, including time elapsed, calculated speed and distance traveled, rowing strokes, and caloric energy expended. Tracking the statistics of a session allows the user to identify where progress is being made, and concentrate more fully on the parts of their workout that need the most attention.

The BodyCraft VR100 Rowing Machine is perfect for professional athletes, because it offers a complete full body workout, but it is also popular with physical trainers whose primary concern is getting the most results for their students and clients. You'll find the BodyCraft name in commercial fitness centers, private gyms, and it is even one of the most popular brands for home users.

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