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BodyCraft Rowing Machine

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BodyCraft Rowing Machines

Depending on your particular goals for a workout routine, the Bodycraft rowing machine provides the level of resistance you need to get the job done. Built light enough to stow easily, or even take along on trips, a Bodycraft VR100 is rated for body sizes ranging from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches, and is rated for use by people weighing up to 250 pounds. To be more portable, the VR100 is built with lightweight materials, and weighs in at only 70 pounds.

Combining both air and magnetic resistance, the VR100 has one level of air resistance, and 5 levels of combined air and magnetic resistance, allowing a virtually limitless variation to the user's exercise routine. Where most indoor rowers only use one type of resistance mechanism, Bodycraft incorporate the two most popular types for smoother performance and a more solid cardiovascular program.

A Bodycraft rowing machine gives the user all of the cardiovascular benefits of rowing a real boat, and includes a well -thought-out multiple function fitness monitor that helps keep the user motivated by displaying heart rate, distance traveled, strokes per minutes, and many other important aspects of the rowing experience, intended to help professional and amateur athletes alike train for racing, or just to lead a better, healthier life.

In consumer reviews, Bodycraft rowing machines are rated among the top brands manufactured. It is well rated for general fitness, low impact exercise, heart rate training, weight loss, and strength training. Professional athletes like the fact that a rowing machine allows them to continue a workout program regardless of outside weather, rowing several miles in the comfort of their home or training facility during the worst of snowstorms.

One item of note regarding a Bodycraft VR100 rowing machine is that it is intended for serious enthusiasts and professional athletes. The casual user will still be able to get a fantastic exercise program going, but professionals in training will be able to appreciate the rugged durability and how well a magnetic rowing machine is able to imitate the resistance you would actually feel if you were out on the water.

For home users, the Bodycraft rowing machine will be liked for its fast and easy storage and lightweight construction. For those who exercise in confined areas, a Bodycraft rower is able to take the place of multiple other machines, and can be stored completely out of sight when not in use.

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