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Best Rowing Machines

Finding the best rowing machine is something that will usually end up being a personal choice between one or two brands. There are a few leaders in the field, but the final choice is almost certainly to be between two similar machines and based on some matter of personal preference, such as the seat design, or even the color choices. That is not to say that the best rowing machines are the ones that look good, simply that there will likely be a close enough similarity between two possible choices for such matters to be a viable factor.

About Rowing Machine Fitness

A growing number of amateur and professional athletes, as well as a growing number of fitness buffs, are discovering that rowing machine fitness is one of the best full body exercise programs available in a single machine. The back, shoulders, upper and lower arms, lower back, abdomen, and legs are given a cardiovascular workout, stimulating blood circulation and oxygenating blood cells to help promote healthy growth of muscle tissue. A rowing exercise machine, or indoor rower, can often be stored quickly and easily, and today's models feature a wealth of control settings to set rowing resistance and other workout points.

Stamina Rowers

Stamina rowing machines are built with the home enthusiast in mind, combining quality engineering with an affordable price. Stamina rowing machines uses traditional hydraulic piston resistance mechanisms for smoothly rowing at a number of user selectable resistance levels. Even the high end Stamina is often priced competitively with lower quality models manufactured by other brands, sacrificing newer technology for long-term dependability and affordability.

stamina 1400 ats air

Kettler Rowing Machines

One of the leading names in sports and exercise equipment today is Kettler. For nearly thirty years, Kettler rowing machines, exercise bikes and other fitness equipment have led the industry in technology and other fitness benefits, such as computerized displays, and carefully designed workout programs. For Kettler, the drawback is that these high-end pieces of equipment are priced considerably higher than some other brands.

Other possible choices for the best rowing machine could include the Tunturi, Concept2, and WaterRower brands. Each one offers a different set of features to appeal to a specific application or to be used for a wider variety of applications, as the case often turns out to be. Take the time to understand the features and benefits of each, and then choose among the best rowing machine to suit your individual needs.

Best Rowing Machines

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