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Best Magnetic Rowing Machines

If you are looking for the best magnetic rowing machine, there are few hot contenders for the title. We can give you some facts about the leading models, but the ultimate decision will always come down to one of personal preference.

York Fitness MagAir 3000 rower

The York Fitness MagAir 3000 rower is ultra smooth, combining both air and magnetic resistance. There are 8 selectable resistance levels, and it includes a large LCD computer display. Designed for the home user, It has a retracting rail and is foldable for easy storage. The steel heavy duty foot plates have adjustable straps, and the seat is adjustable to be suitable for a wide variety of user heights.

Ironman Power 10

The Ironman Power 10 rowing machine also has 8 resistance levels. It also comes with a wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring, and a blue back lit LCD screen that displays session and heart rate information, including distance traveled, time elapsed, average speed, and more for a total of 12 built in programs.

LifeSpan RW1000

LifeSpan RW1000 rowing machines have a patented Eddy Current drive system which features a 16.5 pound flywheel for a smooth and balanced workout. The LCD display console has readouts for distance, calories burned, time elapsed in the session, total strokes, and strokes per minute. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, and folds up for easy storage when not in use.

Magnetron Foldable Magnetic rower

Next on the list is the Magnetron Foldable Magnetic rower. It has a relatively lightweight flywheel, and uses a sophisticated magnetic braking system which makes it one of the smoothest magnetic rowers on the market. It can be folded for storage, and has a user selectable tension dial to increase the difficulty of your workout over time. The computer display keep up with time, strokes, energy expended, and more.

Infiniti R99 rower

The Infiniti R99 rower provides heart control using the built in pulse receiver, or by using the optional chest strap for a more accurate monitoring method. It, too combines air and magnetic resistance, but offers a much wider range of resistance settings- 16 in all, controlled electronically by the onboard computer. The onboard uses a 2 color LCD display, and has all of the displays mentioned above, plus many others, including calendar and alarm functions. Many consumer reviews state that this is simply the best magnetic rowing machine available.

Pro Style Fitness 207

And bringing up the final position on our list is the Pro Style Fitness 207, featuring a rolling smooth track for quiet performance which can be adjusted to fit almost any user height. There are only five selectable resistance levels, but they are very precise settings, and are accomplished without moving parts or observable friction. The LCD computer displays most popular workout data, and the fold up design means it can be easily stored away when not in use, making it perfect for home use situations.

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