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Beny VFit AR2 Rowing Machine

The Beny Vfit AR2 Super Air Rowing Machine is a specialized and exciting piece of fitness equipment. It is made to be sleekly appealing without sacrificing the healthful benefits that make indoor rowers so popular. Many users, the cardio workout available from a rowing machine is simply the best form of exercise, building upper body muscles, toning the lower legs, and helping the user increase their stamina and endurance.

The Vfit AR2 rower machine uses an air resistance mechanism to provide increasing resistance in direct proportion to the force being applied by the user. There are effectively an infinite number of resistance levels available, with the only limitations being those of the user. An air fan type of rowing machine, for that reason, is perfect for the widest range of user levels and physical attributes. Smaller people can use it just as well as long time fitness enthusiasts, and both will get a personalized workout that they have effectively defined for themselves.

The Beny fitness rower includes a progressive onboard computer with 6 functions. The LCD display keeps track of the energy the user has expended, the imaginary distance they have traveled, the speed at which a true boat would have traveled, and even a running statistic for the number of strokes made per minute. In short, all of the key information you need to judge your improvement and lay out future exercise programs is available at your fingertips.

beny vfit ar2

This exercise rower has a molded seat for increased comfort, and over sized foot plates to increased stability. And to help keep your feet in place without conscious effort, there are adjustable velcro straps on both pedals to keep your feet in place automatically.

As a top contender for the title of Best Indoor Rowing Machine, the Vfit AR2's sleek design and optimum performance are both perfect for novice users. But the nearly infinite number of possible resistance levels means that it is also excellent for athletes in training, keeping them pushing for more performance and endurance.

And lastly, the Beny Vfit AR2 Super Air Rowing Machine is very popular in consumer rowing machine reviews. Since these reviews are the opinions of people just like you and I, you will often get the best information about a product by reading them, to find out what other owners have to say. Before making any sort of major purchase such as a rowing machine, it is a good idea to read some consumer reviews first, and familiarize yourself with the market.

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