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Beny VFit AR1 Rowing Machine

If you are looking for a rowing machine that is the ultimate in portable, take a look at the Beny V-Fit AR1 Artemis air rowing machine. This is perhaps the most compact and light weight indoor rower manufactured, and it provides progressively stronger resistance through the patented air resistance mechanism.

This air rower machine has an aluminum rail frame design, an ergonomically molded seat, oversize footplates which include adjustable Velcro straps, and everything you might expect on a bulkier, more expensive fitness machine. Because the comfort of the user is such an important factor in a workout program, the AR1 attempts to make you feel as naturally comfortable as possible.

And the Beny V-Fit rower does not skimp on features, either. The built in multiple function fitness monitor includes strokes per minute, how much energy you have burned in the form of calories, the duration of the session, and other important session statistics. Compare the results from different session to see how well you are progressing towards your fitness goals, and identify specific areas which may need improvement.

beny vfit ar1

Rowing exercise machines are a leading recommended fitness machine for cardiovascular strengthening or other cardio-rehabilitative purposes. They are also widely used in physical therapy, providing a low impact full body workout that builds muscle mass without causing strain or bone stress. And these compact machines are suitable for up to a 250 pound user capacity, making them appealing for a wide range of people.

For most of us, a home rowing machine has to be able to fold for easy storage, and it can't be too heavy for movement. The Beny Artemis AR1 takes the average person into consideration, and weighs only about 45 pounds, making it one of the lightest rowing machines made, and perfectly suited to situations where the rowing machine must be stored away when not in use.

For cardiovascular health, a fitness rowing machine is often the most recommended tool available. It uses a no impact aerobic workout to increase heart strength, physical stamina, and help the user lose weight. And the small footprint of the Beny AR1 makes it perfect for business executives who are constantly on the go, as well as dedicated athletes in training who want to stick to a rigid training routine even though they travel from location to location frequently. For many, the V-Fit AR1 Artemis air rowing machine is the perfect single piece of exercise equipment, providing for all of their exercise needs in one lightweight package.

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