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The Beny 808 Oxbridge rowing machine is specially designed with the home user in mind. The unique folding design and lightweight material composition means that it can be easily stored away in a very small place when not in use. And while this is fantastic news for people who have limited space available, how does the Beny rowing machine stand up in other comparisons?

The Beny AR2 Super air rowing machine is one of the nicest indoor rowers on the home use market. It's stylish design and wide range of user appeal make it competitive with products used in commercial fitness centers, at a fraction of the cost. It uses a patented sped proportionate air resitance mechanism that increases the required force according the force being applied, allowing it to automatically adjust to the improvements of muscle tone and strength acquired over a period of use.

Another excellent Beny rowing machine is the V-fit AMR1 Air Magnetic rowing machine. It combines the most popular aspects of an air resistance mechanism with the industrial dependability and durability of a magnetic resistance rowing machine. The unique Beny design also uses a patented Freewheel drive and a special spring coil return to better offer users with smooth and toning resistance and a realistic feel to rowing motions.

In recent years, rowing machine fitness has become a popular alternative to more traditional workout programs. Rowing strengthens the legs and arms, and increases muscle tone for the abdomen, triceps, and biceps. Whether they are using them at home, or at their favorite gym, people are finding out that rowing machines are a great way to lose weight, increase cardiovascular health, and add muscle tone.

Before buying a rower machine, or any other major purchase, it is always a good idea to spend a little time reading through consumer reviews and ratings. Compare the different brands and models for the ones that offer the most features and benefits at the most affordable price. Watch for negative reviews that may indicate a potential problem with one rowing machine or another, and look for indications of each machine's capacities and adjustment abilities.

For many a Beny rowing machine is the pinnacle of home exercise equipment, providing, as it does, a full body workout, but taking up very little space when in use, and able to be stored into an even smaller area when the workout is over. Only you can decide whether this is the rowing machine for your needs, but it is definitely worth taking a closer look at.

Beny Rowing Machines

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