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Air Rowing Machines

As the name implies, an air rowing machine uses air resistance as the primary source of getting a good workout. As with other types of rowing machines, the more a person exerts themselves, the more resistance the machine returns, making the workouts progressively more strenuous as the exercise program goes on.

In most cases, an air resistance rowing machine has a longer rail than other types, to account for an increased need for cylinder compression. Air, as you probably know, compresses much more tightly than other substance, and generating proper resistance requires a longer rail to accomplish that. On the other hand, a longer rail means that an air resistance rowing machine is often more comfortable for teller people.

Stamina ATS Air rowing machine is one excellent example of an air resistance rowing machine. It uses a wind fan resistance system that helps cool the user during the session, increasing the time that may spend exercising. It is a foldable design that includes castors for easy storage when it is not in use.

One of the best known air rowing machines is the Schwinn Windrigger rowing machine. Schwinn is one of the best known names in exercise equipment, including stationary bikes, and the concept of air resistance itself comes directly from exercise bike applications. For a fully functional, portable rowing machine, the Windrigger is often the choice of professional athletes.

Another very popular model of air rower is the Vivotion rowing machine called the Vivotion Pro R8000 air rower. It uses single action air resistance, and features a folding design that economizes space restrictions, a multi-function onboard computer, and a contoured seat to keep long workout sessions comfortable.

The only real item about an air rower that may require some consideration is that an air resistance rowing machine is often rather noisy to use, due to the nature of air itself. To make up for this shortcoming, though, air rowers tend to be significantly less expensive than water or magnetic resistance systems.

For a majority of users, an air rowing machine is the economical choice. An air rower can usually be stored safely and efficiently, and are built to stand up to heavy usage over the course of many years. Point for point, air rowing machines often rank equal or better than water or piston resistance mechanisms.

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